Congratulations! You’ve made it to 2024. If you’ve navigated it successfully, take a bow. If not, it’s time to prepare yourself for the challenges of 2024. Here are some of my personal suggestions on which technologies you should take note of this year.

Generative AI

The dominant tech trend will be using Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2024. A study by PwC estimates AI could add up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. A big part of this spend will come from generative technologies.

Get ready for Generative AI stepping in as the ultimate assistant for developers

Coding is overrated in 2024. Let the AI build the basic blocks and boring repetitive tasks. You are better than AI (at least for now). Focus on writing business logic and complex parts and let AI handle the rest. Here are some useful tools that would help you in 2024.

Name Feature Remarks
Copilot GitHub Copilot takes autocompletion to the next level by suggesting entire lines or blocks of code as you type It can turn your comments to code which is awesome!
Stenography It does two things: Documents your code and Explains your code It can convert class based React components to functional ones in seconds
MarsX Quickly prototype apps using Code+No Code+AI It has the potential to rapidly prototype complex apps
Mutable Chat with your codebase, auto code generation Can refactor entire directory
TabNine Assists in code completion Very similar to Copilot

If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to make services based on existing APIs such as OpenAPI offerings (Dall-E, GPT-4), Midjourney, Hugging Face APIs etc. customized for niche market needs as it is about to become a significant trend.

Check out FuturePedia. They have compiled a list of 5000+ AI tools. Keep an eye out for the latest additions as new tools are consistently being added. Plus, you have the opportunity to share your own creations there.

AR/VR/Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality is poised to become a notable trend in 2024, gaining substantial traction in various industries. I remember the last time I got immersed in a cricket game with my younger brother’s VR, I could not wake up next day due to immense body pain. AR/VR experiences are fun, can have wide arrays of use cases.

Two fine VR products have been launched this year: Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 in 2024. Apple promotes the Vision Pro as a “spatial computer,” seamlessly integrating digital media with the real world. The device facilitates interaction through physical inputs like motion gestures, eye tracking, and voice commands running in visionOS. On the other hand, Meta Quest 3 is the successor of Meta Quest 2 which has been sold over 18 million units.

You can create AR/VR experiences with Unity 3D or Unreal Engine which is something AIs are not capable of (yet)!